N O V A E   S I N F O N I A
3:30PM - 6:00PM

College of the Canyons
Pico Canyon Hall, Room 202

 Directed by
 Derrick Spiva, MFA


Rehearsals begin August 25th

The SCVYO is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our multi-tiered ensemble programs designed for Advanced Musicians with 5 or more years of experience on their chosen instrument.   

Novae Sinfonia represents the new landscape of professional classical music and we are excited to introduce this emerging genre to our young musicians. 

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Novae Sinfonia, a cutting-edge ensemble, conceived and designed by our Artistic Director, Derrick Spiva, will examine musical styles, performance techniques and basic theoretical analyses as they relate to performance of music from the 21st Century as well as standard symphonic literature. Musicians will be introduced to methods from non-Western performance practices that complement and enrich Western classical performance practices

View the Jamming Saints video to hear a sampling of what will be offered in Novae Sinfonia.

Jamming Saints, Poovalur Srinivasan (1961 - )
arr. by Derrick Spiva, Jr.

Vibha Rao - Indian vocalist; Will Kinney, violin; Aadya Abhyankar, flute;
Rachel Iba, violin; Video - Rosalinda Lovitt.

NOVAE SINFONIA aims to develop highly skilled, well-rounded musicians, who will be able to perform and collaborate with musicians of any tradition or background in their future musical endeavors.  Public performance is required.

Derrick Spiva, MFA, Artistic Director of the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Orchestra designed, developed and will head the ensemble, with his vast knowledge and experience as a musician, conductor and composer within this emerging genre. Derrick will be assisted by our Associate Music Director, Julissa Bozman, and Managing Director/Chamber Ensemble Director, Rachel Iba.   You can learn more about Derrick's vision for music in the 21st Century by visiting his website, A Bridge To Everywhere, the professional ensemble he formed in 2015, that melds western classical music with the music practices of cultures from around the world.

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NOVAE SINFONIA repertoire will include compositions of non-Western musical genres, orchestral works by living composers, as well as the canon of standard symphonic literature. The practice and performance of a wide variety of musical works will help young musicians gain insights into the professional classical music world of the 21st Century and develop practical skills required of a contemporary professional classical musician.  

āž¢  Students will develop the skills to approach a career as a professional contemporary classical musician, complete with rehearsal strategies, leadership opportunities, audition experience and live performance practice.  

āž¢  Students will develop knowledge in both analytical theory and practice of a diverse range of musical works in both historical and contemporary classical repertoire.  

āž¢  Students will learn relevant non-Western musical techniques and how to incorporate these practices into standard Western classical performance practice. 


NOVAE SINFONIA is open to all new and continuing members of the SCVYO, including chamber music, guitar, advanced brass, as well as non-Western music instrumentalists and vocalists, providing the student meets the standard requirements for this most advanced ensemble, as outlined below.  Students who participated in Symphony of the Canyons during the Spring 2018 semester are not required to audition.  


šŸŽµALL NOVAE SINFONIA MUSICIANS are able to play a major solo from the repertoire of their instrument, excluding band and orchestra parts, as well as: 

šŸŽµViolin:   Can play 3-octave scales in all major or minor keys

šŸŽµViola:    Can play 2-octave scales in all major or minor keys

šŸŽµWinds:  Can play 3-octave scales where possible and within the range of the instrument

šŸŽµBrass:   Can play 2-octave scales where possible and within the range of the instrument

šŸŽµCello:    Can play 2-octave scales in all major or minor keys
šŸŽµBass:    Can play F major/D minor, E major/C# minor scales

šŸŽµPercussion: Is required to prepare a solo or etude demonstrating ability on snare drum, mallets, and/or timpani.   


āž¢ NOVAE SINFONIA is the elite ensemble of the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Orchestra multi-tiered musical education and performance programs and is NOT affiliated with College of the Canyons.